Friday, July 15, 2011

Space Gate/OpenFeint/13 new Maps in 1.2 release!

First, we introduce a new special tile - Space Gate to ZDefense. Creeps now can teleport from one Gate to another. One map can have up to 3 group of Space Gate.  Space Gate is a new challenge to players, Creeps have more route to choose, but it is also an oppotuity, because they can design more complicated route without blocking the Creeps.

  Second, we integrate OpenFeint leaderboards to ZDefense. In Normal Mode and Extreme Mode your high score will be submitted to OpenFeint Leaderboards.

  Last, we add 13 new maps. Every maps are very interesting. I include some maps screenshots  below.

Angry Bird!

Super Track. Creeps run on it with 3X speed, could you stop them?

3 Entries 3 Exits. Just 3 tiles away. But it is not impossible mission :)

lots of stars rush out at same time, not easy to build the maze.

So many entries :)
Hope you like it!

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