Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ZDefense 1.1.2 is Out!

Auto-disable sound effect on Sumsung Galaxy S2 to avoid freezing.
Increase start cash by 50%-100% on many normal level and some hard level maps to reduce the difficulty. Hardcore players should try Extreme Mode, if they find those maps are too easy.
Tune “Landing” map,more interesting.
Better rocket flames visual effect.
make Slow tower lvl1-2 more powerful.
fix minor bugs.
Better Map Editor, add help and sharing.
Bigger font size on tutorial images.


  1. What do the green hexes do?

  2. Damage is half on those hexes.

  3. Where can I look for a reference?

  4. We'll add a reference in next release.

  5. Sweet game indeed, well done ziggy..

    I'd like to add my voice to the sell/upgrade problem, where its too easy with fat fingers to hit sell rather than upgrade.

    To address this, would it be possible to optionally make sell a double-tap ??