Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clarification on the affiliation with Hex Defense and Permisson

ZDefense is the free App of the day today on Amazon Appstore. Many people like it and some don't mainly because ZDefense looks similar to Hex Defense and a sketchy Permission.

We don't copy codes/ graphics/ sounds from other games. ZDefense uses a Open Source Android Game Engine - AndEngine. We did some enhancement to that Engine and also send the modification back to Nicolas - the author of AndEngine.

We totally have no affiliation with the creators of hex defense. As I know Hex Defense is created by 3 MIT students. We are a game studio from China.
When people first take a look on ZDefense, they might find it looks similar to Hex Defense. That is just because Hex Defense is well-known but ZDefense is a new comer.
Actually there are many Tower Defense Games that use Hexagon cells including Defensoid / Vector Defense / Hex Defense and ZDefense. Defensoid was released 3-6 months
earlier than Hex Defense. All these games are inspired by the famous iOS game GeoDefense Swarm.

We add lots of unique features that are not found on Hex Defense even GeoDefense Swarm including Space Gate/ Space Tunnel/ Extreme Mode/ Map Editor and Free Maps downloading / Replay and many other small features.

The levels are also more fun than those of Hex Defense. ZDefense has 50+ levels much more than that of Hex Defense. We carefully design every levels, players must think a different strategy to pass different levels. Generally each level would takes 20+ minutes to a few hours to pass it. We have a forum that players can share their success screen's screen shot to help other players to pass that level if they are blocked. Hex Defense's level design is not very good on my opinion. Hex Defense use a very cool background music. So they make creeps come out by a fixed sequence to let it match the rhythm of the music. That hurts the diverse of levels. Players just need to use the same towers sequence to defense. I just spend 2-3 hours to pass all Hex Defense levels. ZDefense also support more towers, more mode, bigger maps. Hex Defense also has its advantage. The bosses on Hex Defense is very cool.

Both ZDefense and Hex Defense are good tower games IMO. Hex Defense is good for the players who don't play Tower Defense a lot and ZDefense is suitable for hardcore TD players who like new challenging.

Now let's talk on permission.
The permission to discover known account is needed by OpenFeint Leader Board.
OpenFeint uses that permission to autofill the email field when users sign up OpenFeint.

I quote the following text from OpenFeint Document.
"To allow OpenFeint to retrieve the logged-in user's email address from Phone SDK version 5 or above so that the user does not have to type the email address in when creating an account, add the following to the AndroidManifest.xml:

OpenFeint is a very famous mobile game social SDK that providing Leader Board / Achievements and other features on iOS and Android platform. Nearly 7000 games have integrated it and more than 100M users have registered on it. It is definitely NOT a spyware. If you don't feel comfortable about it. you just don't sign up. If you have sign up, you can modify the Email Address if you don't want use the email of your android account.

I am sorry that I don't clarify it on the game's description. OpenFeint was integrated into ZDefense nearly 2 months ago on version 1.2. On both Android Market and Amazon AppStore, nobody complaints about it. So I didn't know it would be a big concern.

We just want to make good games.


  1. I love how you say 'inspired by' GeoDefense Swarm. Don't you mean *ripped off* GeoDefense Swarm? You are completely shameless.

    Yeah, you were so 'inspired' by GeoDefense Swarm you ripped off the game design and artwork style almost exactly.

    I hope you feel real proud of yourself.


  2. OpenFeint is indeed spyware.

    Furthermore, unless you offer it as an add-on, the OpenFeint spyware is installed on the Android device and is automatically sent unique identifiers without the consent of the device's owner. Often, games that use OpenFeint fail if the OpenFeint spyware cannot contact its masters.

    Want to make a good game? Stop foisting spyware on your customers. (And yes, many of us DO complain!)


  3. Love the game! Can you create a forum or similar site for people to upload custom maps? I've made several that I think people will enjoy and I'd like to play maps that others make as well. It'll add longevity to the game, and that's exactly what many Android games lack.

    Thanks! Gregg

  4. Do you also have a DevBlog or something like that.
    I bought your game and i like it so much that i wanna play around with AndEngine now myself. Can you publish a tutorial how you do the mazing? Like how do the creeps find their way throug my maze. It could be a Post in the AndDev Forum, im sure Nicholas would appriciate it.

    It would be really cool if you could support the dev community.

  5. Hi,

    I'm looking for programmers/developers who would be interested in partnering up to create an educational, scenario-based puzzle challenge that breaks down every aspect of tower defense games (range, DPS, cost effectiveness, deployment, etc) getting progressively harder. It's educational for beginners and mind-stimulating for the veterans as it gets progressively very hard given one single path to its solution. This reminds of Metal Gear Solid challenges which I loved.

    It doesn't have to be particularly graphically impressive. It would be a BIG hit especially on phones. There are plenty of tower game fanatics and this one will catch everyone's attention as it is fundamental to all other TD games.

    Sometimes ideas that stray from the norm fail. But inventors and geniuses weren't and aren't normal, commonly having some kind of condition. This concept isn't even too radical but even in the situation of straying from the norm, if you win, you win big. I realize you're still developing this game, but if you even finish this one and are looking for something else, give this some thought. Thanks