Friday, July 1, 2011

Guide of Map Editor

On ZDefense 1.1.1, we introduced an experimental Map Editor. It is experimental, just because we still don't tune the UI. Actually it is fully functional. All current maps can be made through this Map Editor.

There is no embedded  guide or help of the map editor currently, next time I'll make it embedded.


On editor main screen, you can press phone's menu button to load menu. 
There are 4 items, Load, Save, Create New, Save As. (Note, you can load a map from phone's embed storage or sd cards, but you can only save maps a map to sd card. 

Edit Map: click a cell on cell panel, then you can click the Hex to put the special cell to the field. 
Note: After you put entry/exit, you should link them even there are only an entry and an exit(we'll auto-pair them on this case next version).

Preview Map: click to play the map you design.

Edit Towers: only lvl 1 towers' cost is adjustable now. Other lvl towers' cost will be auto-calculated. You can press menu button to disable some towers.

Edit enemies: You can adjust enemies' base HP and velocity.

Edit waves: you can insert / edit / remove a wave. Press menu button, you can also create waves loops.

  Creeps' HP = WaveHealthFactor * BaseHP * waveNo ^ (1+WaveHealthFactor2)
  Creeps' money drop = 1 + WaveWealthFactor * (waveNo - 1)
  Loop EntryExitPair by Wave/Group, if choose Wave, in each wave enemies go out from one entry, if choose groups and a wave contains many groups, next group will choose next entry.
  Delay Mode of GroupEnemy Normal/Same Time, if choose same time, all groups spawn at same time, if choose normal, groups spawn one by one. 
  Total Money of All Enemies, it will help you select a appropriate Wealth Factor.
  You can all see the enemies' HP on first wave last wave and second last wave. that number will help you choose appropriate HP factors.

Map files are saved in SD card's ZDefense/map directory.

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