Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ZDefense 1.1 published

If you like Tower Defense games, you must try ZDefense. It is very challenging even for experienced TD users:
* Fight 50 wave enemies that come out in 250 seconds
* Defense an exit in the middle of a empty field against huge amount of enemies from all the directions.
* Win 100 waves of creeps, where the 100th wave is 1000 times stronger than the 1st wave.
In our game, you'll get lots of missions like them, very touch but not impossible.

ZDefense is different from all the other TD games. Unlike Hexdefense, which can be mastered with one strategy, ZDefense has diverse, well-designed maps that need various and creative strategies to conquer. Unlike Robo Defense, which is a long game and needs to be played once and once again to level up, ZDefense is a fast pace game. You can finish playing a map in 5 to 10 mins and defeating 10 to 30 groups of creeps. You spend most of your time on creative and strategic thinking instead of repeating the routine.

 We currently provide 5 tutorial, 10 normal ,and 8 hard maps in full version.  We will release more maps (Generally 2-3 new maps every week). Full version users can directly download them in our app  for free.

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